Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Is ME After Visiting The Urban Barn

I get all googly-eyed!
So much to see...I'm always in awe of their merchandise and displays. Seeing the lovely Linda is always the icing on the cake. Sweetest lady in the business, that's Linda! Thanks for our treasures...until next time!

Fell head over heels in love with this shelving unit.
Pretty things to wear...
Industrial fans, cabinets and signage were abundant.

This ginormous chandelier was a beauty!

I've never seen a suitcase like this..gorgeous!

This mermaid was huge, and pretty darn cool even with her missing tail fin.

She fell in love too..we'll be back Urban Barn!
located at : 155 West Crest - Escondido ,Ca

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Was I Insane? Maybe a little :)

Two years ago, I was doing this. I'm not actually in that video, but I've been in their shoes more than once..the things we do for our kids! Today I am a little older, and much wiser with the purchase of reserved seats. Tomorrow night..U2! It's our first time seeing them live. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reception : Part II

The was awesome..showed up 2 hours early and was even helping set up! If you need a me. I highly recommend him.

Father of the bride, Larry Duke

My sister Betty and son, Jeff

My husband and daughter..I never thought I'd see her on the dance floor!

Ricky(above) is the same age as our daughter and our neighbor!
His Mariachi band performance was a real treat!

Our bartender..she did a fantastic job and would you believe we had left over Margarita mix? I'm enjoying one as I type! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best Weekend Ever!

On Saturday, we celebrated the marriage of my nephew and his wife with an at home reception at my Mom's house. It was such a great afternoon..everything was perfect!

My niece made mexican wedding cakes for favors and a photo album guest book. I found a vintage magazine stand that was perfect for cards from the guests.

The mexicana theme was carried throughout with brightly covered table linens and even a special little cactus arrangement on the couple's table.

The fountain was filled with ice and beer
Jeff & Shelby

Yum! Chicken, Beef or Carnitas tacos...I think I had 1 of each. :)
Adorable wee ones.
Jenna & Grandma..aka Lady GaGa ( Her nickname has been GaGa for years so we had to print this out for her seat. :)

Align CenterJeff & Shelby tearing up the tile!

They were surprised by the arrival of a Mariachi band. Jeff & Shelby were in shock and required lots of tissue.

Lot's of happy tears and hugs..a day we'll never forget.

On Sunday we went to the pier and enjoyed a seafood lunch and walk on the pier a few hours before saying goodbye to San Diego. :(

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'll admit...

She's not the most attractive mannequin hat display, but once I picked her up, I just couldn't put her down. Something about her..I loved. Found her today at a local thrift shop. Not too bad for a Sunday pick!

Flocked burnt sienna with a heavy chrome base..very mod. The color is growing on me, but as Jenna held her in her lap on the way home, she asked what I would have paid had she been turquoise. That's a good question! Now we're trying to come up with a name for her since we always name our mannequins. :) Any suggestions? All we have so far is Greta.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Behind...

with my Spring purging.

It's something I have been putting off for awhile today, I grabbed my camera and started. I have way too many things and I am going through one of my simplify stages. :)

Does a girl really NEED all this stuff? Some might...I don't need STUFF anymore!
I have many boxes packed away and it will take some time to get through it, but I will. :)

Here's a peek at what's going to be available for purchase here or listed the website!

Kewpie Huggers..aren't they the cutest?

Cowboy Barkcloth

Antique German Salt Box - have you ever seen one with a handle?

Heavy metal goblets

A 1950-60's Cherry Basket Purse..or picnic basket for 2

A lovely velvet brocade & leather trimmed dome jewelry chest with key!

Old hotel food dome

Glass flowering pretty!

Vintage hooked roses

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Your Mother's Day...

be HAPPY...and remember!

Wishing all the Mom's out there, the happiest of days!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Crowning Touch

This old house was the home I spent my first year in. A few old black & whites are the only memories I have, but I've lived right next door to it my entire life! Strange, isn't it? Our neighbor's home is coming along nicely, and I'm so excited for them. This week they've been working on the addition of a turret. It gives the house a totally different look! I can hardly wait to see the interior when it's done. I have been tempted to peek inside, but have kept away from the windows!
You can follow along as my neighbor's home receives her much needed face lift. :) Just click here