Friday, January 18, 2008

A Shaggy Beginning

It was just like any other least that's what we thought. We headed down our little street on the way to school, when I looked to the right and saw this little trembling pooch on the corner, staring right at us.
The next words out of Jenna's mouth are "Awww..Can we keep her?" Well, one look at this face, and you guess what happened next.

Her hair was matted, her legs covered with mud and it was 38 degrees out. Yes, even San Diego can be a bit chilly for at least one week out of the year. :)
We went on to school as my husband came over and picked her up. She was very apprehensive, but it wasn't long before she was running around the yard, eating , drinking and looking for the nearest escape exit!

Our pug Sophie was inside, but knew something was up. She is usually very aggressive and territorial, but after letting them sniff between a partially open door, I decided it was time for them to meet. Sophie welcomed her and never once nipped or growled at her! I was so relieved when I saw that they were getting along so well. They ran and played for over an hour , and then they fell asleep on a garden benchwith a comfy pillow top.

I was falling hard for this little girl, but I knew what we had to do, and that was to contact the Humane Society to see if anyone reported her missing. But first, we had to get this little girl to the beauty shop!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Hi Nancy! Remember me? I found you through Amy! CUTE pup!!!!

HomemakerAng said...

I came over from amy's place... Welcome to the blogging world! Love the dog!