Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Behind...

with my Spring purging.

It's something I have been putting off for awhile now...so today, I grabbed my camera and started. I have way too many things and I am going through one of my simplify stages. :)

Does a girl really NEED all this stuff? Some might...I don't need STUFF anymore!
I have many boxes packed away and it will take some time to get through it, but I will. :)

Here's a peek at what's going to be available for purchase here or listed the website!

Kewpie Huggers..aren't they the cutest?

Cowboy Barkcloth

Antique German Salt Box - have you ever seen one with a handle?

Heavy metal goblets

A 1950-60's Cherry Basket Purse..or picnic basket for 2

A lovely velvet brocade & leather trimmed dome jewelry chest with key!

Old hotel food dome

Glass flowering tree..so pretty!

Vintage hooked roses

1 comment:

Comeca Jones said...

I love the little gold velour box so different.