Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Mini Vacation

I just can't let an entire month slip by without a post! As many of my close friends know, I post fairly often at my shop blog, so it leaves little time for this one...and I miss it! The New Year is going well..we've had some amazing weather and with the birds singing outside my window, it feels like Spring. Sorry to those in freezing temps! :(

I wish I could say I've been vacationing on some faraway exotic island, but that's not the case! I don't even remember the last vacation I had, but I think it was when our daughter was 4 or 5..and she's almost 21 now. Yikes! I feel OLD and deprived! lol... I think my News Year resolution will be to plan a vacation. I do travel over this bridge at least 4 days a week to my shop on Coronado Island. I guess I can say it's " a mini vacation." Once I get off the bridge and hit land, I travel about 6 blocks to the left to reach my destination. If you are ever in San Diego, head over the bridge. There is a lot to see and a beautiful beach to enjoy.