Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Sale Like No Other

Earlier this week, I went along with Jane (my partner at The Attic) in search of treasure. In my wildest dreams, I would have never expected to experience what I was about to walk into. It was an abandoned house with contents that were auctioned off by San Diego County. Apparently, the person living in the house was participating in some sort of " illegal activity" and was now behind bars. The house was in shambles. I've seen houses like this on the show "Cops" , but would have never dreamed I would step inside one in real life! And of course, I forgot my camera, and my gloves! We spent a good portion of our time inside where there were boxes and boxes..mainly junk. :( Poker chips, gun ammunition and liquor bottles were strewn about. It was apparent that the police had searched the home. What a mess! I was beginning to think we had just wasted a trip and we started to leave through the garage. There was an old wooden chest, and as you junk sisters know, there are always treasures in trunks, right? We came across some unusual old Shirley Temple doll that had seen better days, a tiny porcelain pipe, stacks of old cabinet cards of relatives, old books and more.

A 1903 John Deere Farmers Pocket Companion
A 1930's Cast Iron Radio Bank

A salesman sample horse rare!

A very cool World War II memorabilia book which we placed it inside this old wood firescreen frame for display in our Fourth of July window.

Found a cool old set of pink folding chairs and a single barrister industrial bookcase.

As I was looking at the items once we returned home, I couldn't help but wonder who the original owner might have been. Some of the books and photographs were from 1880. Who was this John Boone that wrote all those notes in the Farmer's Pocketbook? His weekly purchases from the general store, neatly written in pencil, the weather and hardships he experienced. He even practiced his signature numerous times on one page. I am hoping it will find a new home where it's appreciated.

So...when it was all said and done, I'm glad we went but I learned a lesson. Always bring the camera and a pair of gloves. (The first 3 pictured items will be listed on eBay this evening for a 10 day auction)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Industrial Chic

Sold on eBay

This style of decorating is really nothing new, but I've noticed a growing popularity for it over the past 5 years. Some refer to this style as "Industrial Chic" or "Urban Chic" I'm sure I can speak for many of you junk sisters out there who have passed up many an old metal stool or storage cabinet and are now saying, "I should have bought that!"
This opens up a whole new world for dealers looking for the next hot item to buy. I know I'm out there looking but these pieces but they are not easy to uncover.
They are just so great for display at the shows, in stores and in the home.
My favorite is the old medical cabinet pictured above. I don't own one, but I would have surely made this one mine had I lived close enough to pick it up. The eBay seller was in another state. :( They make wonderful display cabinets for a special collection. Or if you are lucky enough to have a large bath, they will hold your towels beautifully!

My husband picked up two, that's right... two of these style of old steel desks that were being tossed out over 5 years ago. These are still pretty common but a bear to move since they are so bulky. One he uses as his desk in the garage, and the other sits in the garage with piles of boxes on top. It was a project that he never got around too. It's very cool with painted red drawer fronts but the top is a mess and I doubt he will ever tackle it.

Drafting stools are very desirable and can bring a pretty penny as this one recently did on eBay.

I can picture this one as a kitchen island once it's refinished. - It was sold on eBay

Sold - 2009
This little turquoise gem has been sitting on our deck for just about 2 years now and it could use a little TLC. I would love to have it for myself, but our little house is just too small and I can't fit another thing in. It would be a cute storage cabinet, a kitchen pantry..I've been using it to hold crafting supplies but it's been outdoors so I really need to save it from further weathering.

( not for sale )
One of my favorites which I purchased on eBay around 3-4 years ago is this old medical cabinet in the original green paint. It was one of those things you might see on ebay, go completely ga-ga over and put in a ridiculous proxy bid to ensure it will be yours. I was nuts over it then, and still am today because I know I will never find another in this color. I won it for $53 which still amazes me. I may move this one to the bath to use as a little storage on the vanity.
( not for sale)
The other piece we own is in my daughter's room. It's an old medical or dental cabinet in a pale cream and black. This was a thrift store find for $20. It holds her MAC on top and she loves it because she can wheel it around to any spot in her room.

Below are just a few neat pieces that have sold on eBay.

This neat old steel side table came out of a hospital. Imagine how many more of these there are floating around!

I have a story to tell about an old canvas laundry cart like the one pictured above. Last year, I was browsing Craig's List and came across an ad for old baskets and one old canvas basket. Well, the canvas basket was like the one picture here, only smaller. She was asking $60 for it but said she would take $50. I still thought it was a little high so I passed it up. Pass the tissue please...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Simon Lynge

I recently discovered Simon Lynge, an acoustic pop artist from Greenland after hearing one of his songs at one of my favorite stores. It's now my current favorite CD to play at the store. Hope we don't wear it out like we did the very first CD, right Jane???? :) You can sample the tunes at the link below...give it a listen!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still Here With Me...

I sure do miss my Dad. He lived such an interesting and full life... doing what he loved all the way up until his last few days here on earth. Not many people are so fortunate. He touched many lives, and left so many great memories for all of us. My Mother says she sees so much of my Dad in me, so I do feel a little part of him is still here with me. There are so many things I would have loved to tell him if he was still here, but I know that he knew that I loved him dearly.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I LOVE My Birdie!

Bird On A Wire by A Vintage Mood

Look at what I received in the mail this week! It's a darling little creation by Ann, which she offered on her website last week. When I saw it, I could not click ADD TO CART fast enough! It arrived in just a few days and it's even sweeter in person. I just LOVE it!

She also included a little extra goodie, which in all my excitement, I forgot to open until the next day. :) It was this cute little vintage pin in my favorite shade of teal...what a doll she is. I'm letting my angel hold onto it for now. I like the little bling mixed with some favorite shells.

Be sure to visit her website. She has lots of treasures and I can't wait to see her new creations. Don't keep us waiting too long Ann! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's A Dog, It's A Bird....

I found this site through Sue's blog, so last night I sat and doodled with my mouse for TOO long! It was fun though, and I will probably go right now. :)

My first one looked like a dog. Am I the only one who sees it? heehee...
I started my second one and the head looked like a poodle, so I tried to finish it off as a poodle but I think there's a cat sitting on it's behind? Please don't laugh at my lumpy poodle.

So then I realized I was doing it ALL WRONG!!!
When you click the mouse, you get all the pretty colors and this is what you are supposed to come up with!

I swear, I see a bird in this one! Haha....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Egg Moon

What an unusual view of the moon. I stepped outside to empty the recycle bin and when I looked up and saw the moon peeking through the clouds, I reached back in for my camera. I thought it looked like an egg in the first picture. I took these shots within a minute of each other, a week or so ago. Unusual sighting for me and just thought I'd share. :)

I'm working on getting some items added to the web site later this week, so check back on Friday Sunday evening. Hope to have something added by then!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Surprise

We pulled it off! We celebrated Mom's 80th birthday
with a surprise party this past Sunday.

Hosted by my sweet niece Dana and husband Alan in their beautiful Temecula home. The theme was Italian, with a menu that included Lasagne, Lemon Chicken, homemade Focaccia bread, and salad.

Dana...she's one of those lucky ones that can NEVER take a bad picture. I think it was unanimous...she will use this one for the cover of her future cookbook. Lol.....


And for dessert? Chocolate cake, lemon cake and a cheesecake. Did I mention this family loves their desserts? Okay, so I had a taste of was too hard to choose one! She did a fantastic job as she loves to entertain and definitely has the space for it as you can see in these photos.

I seriously want this kitchen island but I think
it might be bigger than my kitchen. :(

Dancing on the back patio. Aunt Betty gives lesson to Megan, or was it the other way around? That little girl can dance!

I had not seen my Mother dance since our wedding 20 years ago.
It made me smile.

Reminiscing over old photos....

Grandma swinging...
Grandpa gone wild!

Mom in the 1940's

Cutie Patootie Bella. :) One of 3 great grandchildren present.

It was a great day and as much as she told us months ago that she DID NOT want a party, we gave her one anyway and I think she loved every minute of it. :)

Mom with her 5 little chickens.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Look Who's 80!

It's my Mom's big day and she's still as cute as ever. The picture below was taken about 6 months ago when my sister took her to have her hair done. They flat ironed it for the first time in her life. We loved it, she hated it , so back to the rollers she went. I still laugh every time I see this picture because it is SO not her. I know she wasn't too happy about the straight hair.

And this photo was taken on the same day...much happier and feeling more like herself. :)

Happy 80th to my Mamma

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mrs. Brown

A very good friend of mine recently lost her mother, who was like my second Mom. Growing up in the 60's, I probably spent more time at Mrs. B's house than my own. The Brown's owned Brown's Market, just down the street from our house. My best bud and I would walk down the hill to fill a paper bag with penny candy almost daily. I learned to swim in their pool, and spent nearly every Sunday dinner at their house. She made the best darn roast beef dinner EVER! The Brown house was the house that all the teens wanted to hang out at, and it was always a happy house...lots of board games, an organ to practice on, a was great. Every year, for the past 25-30 years, her sons host a music festival which is known as "Palmstock" They named it after the Woodstock festival and our street, Palm Avenue. Mrs Brown looked forward to this every year since it was held at her home and she received lots of visitors. She loved the company and there was always a crowd of at least 100+ people in attendance. Mrs. B loved to listen to her boys play and loved to slow dance to her favorite song, Your Cheatin' Heart. Here she is last summer, dancing with her son in law. I took this picture and cried through the entire song. I knew it would probably be her last dance at Palmstock, but she will be there with us this year in spirit. She was a wonderful lady who I will dearly miss.