Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Couldn't Leave Behind...

at The Rose Bowl flea market.

An old ghosted vanity mirror with etched flowers and pretty glass bottles.

When I asked how much for the mirror tray, his answer surprised me. "Five bucks because I'm tired of looking at it", he replied. I cannot imagine EVER tiring of looking at this sweet thing!

The Bottle Man is always there and I can never pass his table of color without bringing a few home, but I wish now that I had picked up more. He told me how he leaves them on his roof to get these beautiful shade of purple. The aqua seemed to be the popular color that day, although many were buying clear iridescent ones.

This tall pair stands 36 " and were brought over from France by the seller. They originally had glass flowers on some of the metal tips, but they were removed. Can you hear me scream? I have no idea why someone would remove those, but if they were still on there, the price would have been higher than I could have paid. As soon as I saw them, I thought - Jewelry Trees!!! Yes...someday they will hold necklaces.

Found in the very last row, this is something I had always wanted but never really came across. A vintage Simplicity Model Mannequin. She's only 12" tall and she doesn't have her original clothing, but I'll cherish her all the same. She's chippy, but I don't mind one bit! She's just a sweet memory from the Rose Bowl trip.

Pretty embossed metal goblets. These things are so heavy, unmarked , but they cleaned up well. Not even sure what I'll do with them..just had to snag them! Could they be for the bride & groom? I may add them to the website....still debating. Lugged home a few more things which I forgot to photograph!

Jenna got some great vintage dresses. Some to keep, some to sell in her etsy shop. Go take a peek!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday With The Fam

Would not be complete without our favorite...See's Candy!
Jenna and Grandma..bad bad girls!

Eating outside was not such a bad idea!
Too cold to swim though.

My sister planted these pretty flowers and they really bloomed!

My Mom-enjoying some peace and quiet, and a good cup of coffee.

My Dad's old western vest hangs on my sister's coat rack. He's been gone 15 hard to believe. We miss him so.
The birthday girl, my niece Megan and Lily!
Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

If You Could Have Seen Her Face...

when we found this at a recent thrift store outing. And I say we because I actually pulled it off the rack as she simultaneously snatched it out of my grasp! It is in near perfect condition. A beauty to behold! The really strange thing is, she found one of these on eTsy a few months earlier, and when she decided to buy it, it had already been sold. Same color, same style, identical. I couldn't believe it.

A 1930's tunic with the sweetest embroidered flowers, lace and silk ribbon ties. It now hangs as a piece of art on her wall. When I asked her if she was going to sell it, she gave me the evil glare. I took that as a NO. lol

Friday, April 15, 2011

Urban Barn 1 Year Celebration

It was a good day. Congratulations on your fabulous year Linda!


The perfect pink, the perfect tea cart.

This bust was the Wow piece that commanded second looks.
She was wearing a vintage beaded sweater!
Loved the jewelry stands throughout the store!

The lovely Lisa Loria...full of life and love.
So much talent. Visit her blog to see more!
Lisa's Blog

Lisa's Flower Girl Necklaces...adorbs.

Her painting on Linda's Gypsy Cart

Tricia Samsal comes from Arizona pulling her cute little pink trailer.
Visit her blog HERE


Sweetest girl making the birds in a ring..I couldn't leave without one!
My little pom pom head birdie. :)

Urban Barn Blog

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's Hot, What's Not

After my recent visit to the flea market, I took notes on what I saw people leaving with and what seemed to be selling in general. Here's what I saw in baskets, on dollies and under arms.

This sign received so much attention and was snapped up right after I took the photo.

Industrial- Wire locker baskets, stools, signage, dress forms, small metal file drawers and large carts sold as entertainment centers.

This draftsman stool is similar to the ones that seemed popular that day.

Mid-Century Modern Home Furnishings

Vintage suitcases from the 40's to the 60's: From the striped to floral to the mod orange & pink.

Vintage clothing...probably THE most popular selling item with the 18-30 year olds.

Farm Primitives- Tractor seats, Tools & sun shape disks and gears. The creative ones will take their parts and may come up with something like this!

Also saw lots of architectural pieces, wooden crates, boxes and printer drawers being sold.

I love this printer drawer turned jewelry display.

Bird cages, vintage colored glass bottles, vintage jewelry and unusual lucite chandeliers...all the rage.

What people seemed to be passing by- Depression glassware, pretty china, dishes, figurines, linens and newly painted furniture.

Funny how things that were once popular are now passed over but that's the way it's always been I guess. It also seemed that there were many more younger shoppers out...or am I just getting old? Don't answer that! These younger buyers seemed to be drawn to what Mom might have had used in the 60's & 70's..not what their Grandmother had in the 40's-50's. Although I did see 2 young men buying a primitive folding washstand that didn't even have the galvanized tubs. I think I overheard some talk about turning it into a coffee table. You would have thought they found gold they were so excited! I remember a few years ago, no one would look twice at one in an antique mall. I also remember previewing an estate sale 10 years ago at a home that was completely furnished with 1950-60 furniture. I left without purchasing a thing because it wasn't what I was looking for. I would give anything to turn back the clock on that one! I think they even left the plastic on one of the sofas.

My next post will be my flea market purchases.

So if you are a collector or seller, what are you on the lookout for?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rose Bowl Fun

A trip to The Rose Bowl in Pasadena is always fun, but also very tiring. Five hours of walking and we still didn't see it all! We came home with some goodies so I can't complain too much. Here are some things that I would have LOVED to bring home, but didn't.

This piece would be the ultimate DREAM piece for a shop. I think I would make it into a counter and hang the mirror on the wall behind it..AMAZING, but it was out of my price range and I wouldn't have a spot for it right I'll just have to DREAM about it.

When my daughter saw this, she swore it would fit in the back of the car, but I think that would have meant one of us would have to stay in Pasadena. It was probably the prettiest little dresser I've ever seen.

This was awesome. The stand had a foot pedal which would raise & lower the mannequin. We both wanted this too, but it was $650.

And then...there's always the strange. This chair received lots of looks.
Industrial seems too have taken over. Every aisle had something industrial and this space had quite a selection of entertainment stands. This was just one. Industrial items were THE hottest items selling today.

If we had a need for bar stools, I would have somehow tied these to the roof of the car. :)

An old Coca-Cola cart. Cool, but not sure what I'd do with it!

I have a weakness for children's furniture and this little pink set was adorable.

I have never see so many grain sacks in one space!

This would be the most awesome shop display piece for jewelry!
It was from the 1800's and very expensive.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Having a child turning 21 makes one stop and think. It really doesn't seem like yesterday that she was taking her first steps, but time does seem to pass much quicker the older I get. Love my girl for so many reasons. She's strong, intelligent, independent and definitely has a mind of her own. She has had a few curve balls thrown her way at a young age, and I'm proud of the way she has handled herself. She's a homebody, and I have the feeling she'll be around for awhile. And I'm okay with that. We're two peas in a pod..going junking together every chance we get. Yes, she inherited the collecting gene and was recently bitten with the entrepreneur bug. Selling on eTsy has been an exciting new adventure for her. I'm just a wee bit proud that she has an eye for finding clothing and accessories to list in her online eTsy store. She even sold this beautiful Italian Maxi dress last week to an actress in LA..she was so excited and I was so happy for her :) So hard for her to let go of some pieces like this, but she's learning that this is the the way it is when you are a finder and not a keeper. Although on peek in her closet and I'm beginning to wonder..

So for her 21st birthday, she doesn't want much. Just a trip to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to do some treasure hunting. Wish us luck! But first, it's out to lunch and dinner on Saturday for that very first celebratory drink. I'm sure she'll proudly display that I.D. when asked.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Coming Along...

Last year, I posted about this old house which is next door to our home. wish came true. Not my first wish to OWN this baby... but my wish that someone would buy it and restore it.

They have been working on it for months, but it will be a few more months before it's ready for the new owners. They have removed the chain link fencing and replaced it with iron and brick. I can't wait to see it completed! It's going to be so wonderful to look next door and see her in all her glory!