Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Can't Believe I Found The Time...

to add a few things to the online store! It's been a busy month, and it's just about to get busier! I will most likely be taking a break from blogging here, but may continue on the store blog over the next couple of weeks. I know we are all in the same boat with trying to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though I'm not hosting the big dinners or any company..whew!.. I still have just enough going on to make my head spin. Besides being a shop owner, (where I am at at least 3 days a week), I spend much of my FREE time searching for store merchandise, trying to keep up this blog and the shop blog, a website that I had planned to update weekly, planning the Open House for the store on Dec 4th and a Craft Fair on the 5th, coordinating ads for the local newspaper for the store, and conducting an estate sale with my 2 partners the Saturday after Thanksgiving! So this blog, Facebook and Twitter will go on the back burner for a time, and I will update the store blog once a week. But enough about ME...what are your plans for the next 6 weeks? `o)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cooking For The Queen

Does anyone out there prepare home cooked meals for their pooches? I started about a month ago, after our Pug was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. I will spare you the details, but we had to rush her to the vet last month. After a 14 day round of antibiotics, 4 days of an IV, and a new diet of turkey, sweet potato and pumpkin, she is as good as new! In fact, she has more energy than before, and her coat even feels healthier. I've also added apples, carrots, green beans and eggs for added nutrition, although I've read that they still need added vitamins, namely calcium. The vet said she can stay on this diet or I can slowly switch to a Low Fat Duck & Potato Low Fat food that should be easily digested. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on making a nutritious food for their pets. I make up 3-4 days worth of meals in advance which makes it easier, but am considering doing 1-2 weeks worth and freezing it. My husband jokingly claims that I cook more for the dog than him...this very well may be true, my dear!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things That Caught My Eye...

At The Rose Bowl...

This beautiful curvy chest was embellished with seashells. I think it would have been just as gorgeous without! This space was loaded with soldered seashell bottles, and her booth was set up as beautiful as a store!

Jenna's heart always goes pitter patter when she sees a pretty prom dress.

Lots of dress forms to be found, but I didn't see any bargains. This one was $250-

A penny for your thoughts....

Jenna thought this was I took a photo for her.

Loved the shade of green on this Vespa.

As soon as I saw this, my first thought was sitting my pug on the top bench, in her bikini of course..and Ivan the Lhasa Apso in the drivers seat wearing his muscle man tee. Heehee....I was so tempted to get this for our store summer window...and I can't stop thinking about it! I didn't really photograph my finds of the day, but I purchased some vintage Christmas, an old store stand to display necklaces on, some old butter knives and a cutie patootie cement deer that is pictured on my store blog. Jenna came away with one vintage dress, a vintage snowman ornament, a little dog hand puppet that looked like our Ivan and a cute Hostess apron with a squirrel on the front.

We all met under the umbrella at noon, to share a lunch and our finds of the day.

Sunday November 8
One last photo to remember the day we made new friends & found treasures.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Real Treasures From The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl trip was fantastic, and although I didn't bring home any great treasures..I came away with something better...I met some wonderful people with huge hearts.

We met up at 9am in front of the entrance for this group picture. Not everyone is pictured, but I will upload another at the end of the shopping day.

My daughter is in the front row, from left #2 and I am #4.

We were each handed a goodie box filled with sweets and a darling hand made necklace from Jenny. After a few pictures, we were off to shop. Not many bargains to be had, but we got our exercise! Since we actually started at 7am, we had already walked 2 hours before starting out yet again for another three. We met up at Noon for lunch, show and tell and lots of chit chat. Then we headed out to hit just a few more rows and with tired feet, Jenna and I surrendered at 1:30. Thank you to Heather, Jenny , Pam and Amy for your gifts and time in preparing for this event.

I have been so busy with the store that I have not uploaded any photos. I promise to have them by the weekend..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brocante Carnival At The Rose Bowl

I'm planning a little road trip with the Attic Girls this coming weekend. We are headed to Pasadena, home of the famous Rose Bowl flea market! It's been 2 years since my last visit, and I'm so excited! I will be meeting Heather and friends at 9am Sunday morning for the Brocante Carnival! I'm looking forward to meeting Heather and the girls. Heather's blog was the very first blog I read and I've been hooked on blogs ever since. After a morning of shopping, we will take a break at noon and have a little show and tell with our favorite finds. Should be a fun day, with perfect weather. This will be a busy week for me, so my next post will be after I return. Hope to share some treasures with you next to dress up my shopping cart. The word on the street is that they are going to award prizes for flea market apron, tote bag and cart. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Vintage Vixen with Paris Montana & More!

(click on images to enlarge)
Last weekend, Jane and I took some time out for a little shopping as we attended the Vintage Vixen sale in Eastlake. This event was to raise money for the the Breast Cancer 3 day Walk. After we parked, Jane and I made our way down the sidewalk and as we came around the corner, we both was so stinkin CUTE! A vintage silver airstream with umbrellas and tables of jewels!

Heidi of Paris Montana came out to greet us in the most beautiful dress, cowgirl boots and jewels. I just could not get over her little trailer and I think The Attic Girls need one of those trailers! :)
Her designs were beautiful so check her schedule to see if she's rolling into a show near you!

I was unable to photograph all the vendors, but everyone had such nice displays and all for a great cause.

The sale took place in the front courtyard of the house and in the back yard. Perfect layout for a sale! We saw the girls from La Maison Rustique & Glamarella Junk.

Gina of Lizzy B's had a lovely display of bubble charms with old maps inside!

Lori, owner of Vignettes

Deb Hodge is just so talented..handbags, belts, dresses, tshirts. Is there anything this gal can't do?!!
No photo of Deb.. she was so busy I lost track of her!

Okay..Celia. YOU need to get a BLOGSPOT!!! I wanted it all, but settled for a statue to use as a store display, a necklace and 2 bracelets. I have received numerous compliments on my necklace each time I wear it, and I have probably worn it 5 days this week. Thank you sweet Celia! Now that I know we are practically neighbors, I might be knocking on your door for some of that sweet jewelry!

Miss Sophie even loves it. :)