Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Day With Mom

I've been so busy lately, that I have really neglected my poor Mom. :( We live right next door to each other, but it seems I am always running around and rarely get to spend a day with her. I decided today would be different and I invited her to lunch and a visit to the shoppe.

We decided on Clayton's Coffee Shop, a charming little coffee shop in Coronado that's been there forever!.

It reminds me of the places we would stop at on long road trips...complete with the swivel red stools at the counter and the little music juke boxes at each table. What kid doesn't remember flipping those pages and pushes those buttons until we were told to sit back and eat our meal?!! We split a BLT with fries, which was plenty for us. No dessert today, but they do have home made pies that I plan to try out next time.

Check out this sign...we had never heard this term before. "Slide the Counter" but we soon figured it out. On our way out, we ran into Mary, Clayton's owner, who rode up on her pink bicycle....just livin the Island life! Actually, she is a a hard working gal who never misses a day at her coffee shop. She really didn't want a picture taken, but I begged, and she gave in. :)
After lunch, we walked across the street to The Attic and I took some photos which were added to our blog. (You can see our awning in the background of this picture)We had a nice day and I promise to this more often Mom. :)
Just one more picture to share...this little car is a common sight in Coronado. Isn't it cute?


Sweet Repose said...

You are such a good daughter...mine never calls at all anymore...a little phone call is all we need. Cool coffee shop and hot car, good on gas aye, ours is down to $ your heart out California...

Silvia said...

How cute! Is that a German Smart without doors?:)