Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Couldn't Say No

I'm finally back...sure did miss this place. Summer is a busy time around here so I put off blogging for a time. The store is keeping us busy and busy is GOOD! The tourists have hit the island and business has never been better.

I came across 2 old industrial typewriter stands this week.

This one...old blue paint with lots of wear.
To some, it may very well be a piece of junk that they would pass by, but how could I say ...

As you can see, it was a definite YES! It is currently in the store.

The sides flip up for extra work space.

The other in it's natural gray finish. Much cleaner and my husband actually said "Cool table, where did you get it?" I was impressed..maybe he's starting to get it.

And this cutie...oh my! A vintage red & cream kitchen stool.

It's official...I can't say NO to junk. :)


Denise said...

cool finds.......I love the first blue one.....great color. Thats wonderful business is booming ~

A Vintage Mood said...

No way, that's not junk! In the right surroundings it becomes hip and chic! Great finds, glad you're back!

Tamerie Shriver said...

It's not junk. It's treasure!

Rita said...

Thant's not junk in my the findings. Ciao

sandra Lee said...

Glad you are back...great tables and I love the stool!

Come by the Garden Sale if you can, would love to see you and the gals!

TUTU Monkey said...

You find such wonderful treasures!!

Allidink said...

LOL I'm glad you said yes to all that "junk" it's so cute!

All the best,

Sweet Repose said...

We are woman...we are weak...yeah, yeah, yeah...we just can't pass up a good deal, right...I love the blue one. I used to have one in a granny apple chippy green...that was eons ago.

Funny, my daughter just brought back a box of my inventory that was gracing her home...funny how it works...

That John Deere tin is from the factory right across the river from!!!

Have a great weekend girl!!!