Monday, May 17, 2010

The Perfect Party Dress

That is was...she wore it on her 17th birthday wearing a tiara and Ms. Sophie by her side. Now it's time for someone else to enjoy this beautiful vintage party dress!
If you know someone who might love this dress as much as we did click here to see the ebay listing It has a romantic print of white doves, ribbon and rhinestones! Jenna has been downsizing her vintage closet and this was her absolute favorite dress. It has been the one dress she has hung onto the longest...and I understand why. It's perfect and you won't see another one like it.

She has been doing great with her new etsy store..I'm so proud of her. She has been listing a variety of items often, so pay her a visit sometime! Just click here.


T said...

What a beautiful dress! Love the color.

Amy said...

so much new going on!
I <3 you
this dress
and that jen has followed you into the love of vintage! she has a great shop.
p.s. I still want your dowg!