Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We knew this day was coming...

Out with the OLD, and in with the NEW.

The city removed all of the original old lamp posts and replaced them with new.

This is the street light removed right in front of our store.
We asked where they were taking them but didn't get a clear answer.

Out with the awesome old glass globes on graceful iron lamp posts.
Make room for plastic globes. Yep..plastic.

I'm sure most people will never even notice the change,
but I will miss the character and beauty of the old ones. Such is progress. The city received 9 bids for the Street Light Replacement and they went with the lowest bid which was $897,064.00.


Denise said...

so sad.......

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that so much of the "old" is being replaced with the "new". Wow...thats alot of money. Gotta make a trip over to The Attic soon.

Lisa Loria said...

How Sad!
History gone.
I love the Romance of the old.
They will wind up in a Salvage yard and go for good money!

Gail said...

This post hurts my heart! Why were they replaced?
The only thing I can think of is that possibly the glass ones could be broken by vandals...please tell me that there's a reason that makes sense!
This would NEVER happen in Paris, would it?

Sweet Repose said...

And they wonder why the cities are broke, 'cept for the city administration, they all get their cost of living raises,,,argh. Two years ago they replaced all of our downtown lighting and replaced it with new gross War of the World lighting...our new lighting looks just like the old ones they took out in the 60's...go figure!!!


robin de koning said...

this is sooooooo sad...i love these old lights...i remember these from my grandma's house and i remember when they replaced those...you would think with our "california budget" being all upside down, they would save that large amount of money and put it to better use...oh, i forgot, we're talking government!!! nancy, you should contact the city, hunt these pieces of history down and sell them online...you'll make a pretty $...

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

That makes no sense as usual.Love the old ones. The small town I live in is painting a mural of Main St. on a bldg.,on Main St. Ok this is a very small town. Makes no sense. Wonder how much taht will cost us??