Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best Weekend Ever!

On Saturday, we celebrated the marriage of my nephew and his wife with an at home reception at my Mom's house. It was such a great afternoon..everything was perfect!

My niece made mexican wedding cakes for favors and a photo album guest book. I found a vintage magazine stand that was perfect for cards from the guests.

The mexicana theme was carried throughout with brightly covered table linens and even a special little cactus arrangement on the couple's table.

The fountain was filled with ice and beer
Jeff & Shelby

Yum! Chicken, Beef or Carnitas tacos...I think I had 1 of each. :)
Adorable wee ones.
Jenna & Grandma..aka Lady GaGa ( Her nickname has been GaGa for years so we had to print this out for her seat. :)

Align CenterJeff & Shelby tearing up the tile!

They were surprised by the arrival of a Mariachi band. Jeff & Shelby were in shock and required lots of tissue.

Lot's of happy tears and hugs..a day we'll never forget.

On Sunday we went to the pier and enjoyed a seafood lunch and walk on the pier a few hours before saying goodbye to San Diego. :(

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time! Your mom has the best yard for an outdoor celebration. Congratulations to your nephew and his new bride.