Friday, April 4, 2008

A Favorite Shop

One of my favorite shops of all time is VIGNETTES, located in Ocean Beach, Calif, just minutes from downtown San Diego. I happened to stop in this this past Friday, with camera in hand. I was greeted by the lovely owner Lori Chandler, and three of my long time friends ; Susie Krejmas, Beth Parks and Susan Darnell, who all sell their wonderful treasures here at Vignettes.. Joy Gabler of The Vintage Rabbit has a charming little nook with the sweetest little adornments for your home. Lucy of Paris Flea Market has an amazing room filled with exquisite finds. It was great to see my friends, and before I knew it, I had spent well over an hour there. The ladies were bringing in their newest finds just as I got there, so I had to pick up a few goodies for myself. I wanted to take Susie's aqua table home, along with a car load of things,including that fabulous seashell box purse! After telling my bud Susie that "my husband would kill me if I bring that home", she quickly responded with " well, we don't want any killings!" We had a good laugh.

Vignettes is a must see shop if you are in San Diego, and I can honestly say it is worth the drive, even if you live in the LA area. Just a warning will never want to leave , but you will be inspired by the beautiful collections that are waiting for you.
Vignettes ~ 4828 Newport Avenue (619) 222-9244



Joy*The Vintage Rabbit* said...

Great Post Nancy! Thanks for including little 'ol me!
Love all the gals stuff! My house say's "Vignettes" all over it! After being a vendor there for over a little 6years I have accumulated many treasures from all those gals! it is my Favorite place!

a said...

woah! NOW that's some good stuff!

Ronda said...

Fabulous! I'll be on the first plane. Will you meet me at the airport? :-)))

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

YUMMY treasures!!!

Joy said...

Wow, that place looks phenominal!

Diana Lyn said...

Lovew the pics. I am going to Paris this Winter, i hope to find some wonderful things! My Daughter is living in England! Diana Lyn