Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's taking over

I LOVE our Bougainvillea, but I hate the mess it leaves behind. It blooms year round and with each passing year, the bushes seem to double in size, which means double the clean up. The blooms feel like thin paper and fly everywhere! I guess I shouldn't complain because I'm not the gardener. Every year my husband cuts them back and they just flourish by Spring.

A friend of mine dried a bunch and draped them over a rod in her kitchen window.It looked AMAZING , but when I tried it, the blooms were falling off and the color was nothing like hers. She told me you have to cut them when they are completely dry, and I may have left mine on a table in the moist air overnight..oh well! I'll try again.

I love the 3 color combination, and there is a light pink which we don't have but I may just go looking for it!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

WOW, Nancy! Those are BEAUTIFUL! My daffodils and tulips haven't even opened yet! lol

a said...

woowwaaaa thems pretty bud

Donna Lynn said...

Hi again,
The bougainvillea is so beautiful, but I know what you mean! It does take over in warm climates, when we lived in Hawaii it was crazy big, and a huge mess! the picture is so wonderful of it though, don't you hate to cut if back?
Have a great day! Donna Lynn

quiltdoggie said...

Oh Nancy * u lucky gurl! Our friends here in Connecticut lived in San Diego for 5 years before coming here 20 years ago :) So their first summer here, they went to the nursery to buy some Bougainvillea, and bought two dinky sprigs for something like 20 bux * it didn't even make it through that first summer! She always says the one thing she misses from their days in San Diego is the Bougainvillea. I'm gonna show her your bloggie :)

PS * When DH and I lived in San Francisco, 25 years ago, our favorite place to go for a weekend was San Diego * just love it there. . . . ahhh yes, no kids, no responsibilities . . . . free as a bird!

Sweet Repose said...

Caught your blog on Charming Design, love your dog...good groomer...good stuff.

Cottage Way of Life said...

I love them too, but not the thorns. They are a pain to prune that's for sure! :)


Ronda said...

WOW WOW WOW! That is AMAZING! Makes me warm and happy just looking at them!


diana said...

i had to giggle when I saw this beautiful post... here in the hill country... this stuff is precious... while on the Calif. coast... its wild! It prompted me to post about my boug. and I mentioned you...and your beautiful flowers.. I didnt use your pictures... just mentioned that they grow like weeds in your garden !!! Hope that is ok.