Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chic Happens!

I watched as people entered this magical shoppe.Their expressions were priceless as they stopped in the entryway to take it all in. So much to see and once again, Lori pulled it off in a way that no one else can. The 13th Anniversary Open House was a smashing success and I'm already looking forward to her Holiday Soiree in December!
Many in attendance drove all the way from Los Angeles to be here and it was well worth the effort. It was a great day for customers to personally meet the dealers from Vignettes. Lots of sold signs, sinful desserts, wine, champagne and great conversation. Enjoy the show!

Let Them Eat Cake!

Yes, this was a popular hangout..I consumed so many sweets, that I had a sugar buzz until midnight. Was it worth it? Of course! Lori unveiled her Vintage Home Couture line of furnishings and her fabulous seashell embellished pieces. Everyone loved her darling little black and white tees printed with "Chic Happens", which were an instant success! They were selling out before the day was over and I plan to order one myself. If you would like to order a t-shirt, just give the shoppe a jingle!
(Click to enlarge image)

These two little pooches weren't for sale but they sure were so cute and fit right in. Do you remember a few posts back where I mentioned we would be making something from the antique crib? Well..the child's bench was made and it sold very quickly. I did manage to get a shot of it though, and wanted to share it with you. You can click on the image to enlarge.

Vignettes is open 7 days a week, so if you missed the open house, pop in for a visit. It's always a celebration at Vignettes!


A Sentimental Journey said...

gorgeous! The seashell wedding cake is amazing ~ Just Lovely, Nancy!!

Denise said...

oh my gosh! Unbelievably beautiful stuff! Those seashell creations are just out of this long did it take her to do each one? WOW! Your bench is adorable....looks like a fun day.

a said...

WOW! Fabu! I see so many things I would have wanted! How much for the t's?? I want one;) why don't you put a few for sale in your online shop bud? let me know! xo

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Ooooooh NANC! That Lil' BENCH! R U Kiddin' Me?!?!?:) How cute it turned out!!!!!!!:) Jen

My Shabby Roses said...

You are not kidding, what a wonderful place. There is something in every nook and cranny!
The furniture is so beautiful. Your bench turned out really nice.
You did a great job. Boy, if I ever get that way, I'll have to put that on my "to do" list. What a fun shop to be a part of.

countrygirl3031 said...

What fabulous things...I would have gone nuts! Wish I didn't live so far away...wait, maybe that's a good thing!! I'd get yelled at for sure!

I love how the bench turned out...too cute!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Have mercy, I am MORE than sorry that I couldn't make it to this! I will be visiting soon though, sigh. Great stuff, my heart is beating faster. Thanks so much for sharing the fun time!
xo Lidy

Sweet Repose said...

I am blown away girl...what a shop!!! I hope you did well too...wish I could visit, but Ioway is such a far-away land.

Love the Maltese and the bench turned out adorable.


a said...

HEY BUD! I moved! I'm still cracking up over those emails last night;) love ya!