Friday, November 21, 2008

Gas is $1.60 !

I have no clue on the year that this picture was taken, but I can remember my parents saying to the attendant..."Fill it up with Ethyl" I feel really old right now. :(
Some of the youngsters out there might be asking yourself...Attendant? Ethyl??
Hey, I can even remember when the "attendants" carried a fat wad of cash in their pocket for change. Ahhh...the good old days. At least I filled my tank up today for $30! $1.85/gal. Woo-Hooooo!

EDIT: It is now December 8th and gas is $1.60..this is something to smile about!


The Whispering Poppies said...

It was $1.98/gallon in Hyannis today - now that is CHEAP for these parts! The Cape is usually at least 50¢ more than the rest of the state. (And I remember gas station attendants, too - and even a car-window service A&W!) =)


a said...

oh yeah loving the gas prices! I remember the gas attendants! gosh how great that was...they had the little changer thingy hooked to their belts...they use to lift the hood and check the oil too:) wash the windshild ....etc...too bad we are not treated good like that anymore! In the winter especially pumping gas is a drag cause ya freeze yer but off !

a said...

I love you bud! you my fwend! xo