Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Love Affair ..Is it over?

It all started back in 1985...even before "shabby chic" was all the rage. My love affair with furniture covered in layers of the original old paint. When I couldn't find everything I wanted with the original paint, I would paint it,sand it, chip it. It wasn't quite the same look, but it worked. I remember one of my first treasured pieces was a table with pale pink paint with traces of green. Everyone thought I was crazy for even bringing it inside the house, but I loved it! I eventually sold most of my "brown" pieces to purchase painted ones.

I never thought I would bring in another piece that wasn't painted, until I saw this dining set last week on Craig's List. (Click to enlarge photos)

I was immediately attracted to it's lines...the legs, the little wooden was very unique. Now I know there are many of you reading this and thinking that it would be perfect in white. :) I would be lying if I said that I didn't have the same thoughts.

It came with four antique pressed back chairs which I wasn't thrilled with, but it was a package deal and how could I resist the price. 80 bucks!!!
I remembered that I had a set of 4 chair covers that I picked up for $6 at the thrift store, so I slipped them on and I'm happy with the look. I think I will leave it just as it is.

Check out my sister blog to see a desk that did get a recent makeover.


Cape Cod Memories said...

LOVE it, Nancy! I can honestly say I do prefer the brown! Our home is about 50/50 old chippy painted pieces and old brown pieces -- I really don't think I own anything "new"! Oh what I'd do for a nice round table like that -- and those chairs to boot! =)


Sweet Repose said...

What is it with us these days...well, you saw the beautiful oak kitchen table I scored for $25.00 bucks and sure it would look great white, but I am so happy with it just the way it is. Looks great with my old chippy painted pieces and the rest of my oak.

So great score for the set and I'm with ya on leaving it the way it is and the covers on the chairs are to die have created a masterpiece...good girl.

Liz said...

Ooooh... it's perfect, especially with those slipcovers. I say enjoy it, there's no time limit... you can paint it any time you want. :)

My Shabby Roses said...

I love it Nancy! The natural wood with the slipcovers, WOW!

timeworninteriors said...

What a great deal! I like it with the slip covers! I have a few brown things in my house also.