Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Sale Like No Other

Earlier this week, I went along with Jane (my partner at The Attic) in search of treasure. In my wildest dreams, I would have never expected to experience what I was about to walk into. It was an abandoned house with contents that were auctioned off by San Diego County. Apparently, the person living in the house was participating in some sort of " illegal activity" and was now behind bars. The house was in shambles. I've seen houses like this on the show "Cops" , but would have never dreamed I would step inside one in real life! And of course, I forgot my camera, and my gloves! We spent a good portion of our time inside where there were boxes and boxes..mainly junk. :( Poker chips, gun ammunition and liquor bottles were strewn about. It was apparent that the police had searched the home. What a mess! I was beginning to think we had just wasted a trip and we started to leave through the garage. There was an old wooden chest, and as you junk sisters know, there are always treasures in trunks, right? We came across some unusual old Shirley Temple doll that had seen better days, a tiny porcelain pipe, stacks of old cabinet cards of relatives, old books and more.

A 1903 John Deere Farmers Pocket Companion
A 1930's Cast Iron Radio Bank

A salesman sample horse rare!

A very cool World War II memorabilia book which we placed it inside this old wood firescreen frame for display in our Fourth of July window.

Found a cool old set of pink folding chairs and a single barrister industrial bookcase.

As I was looking at the items once we returned home, I couldn't help but wonder who the original owner might have been. Some of the books and photographs were from 1880. Who was this John Boone that wrote all those notes in the Farmer's Pocketbook? His weekly purchases from the general store, neatly written in pencil, the weather and hardships he experienced. He even practiced his signature numerous times on one page. I am hoping it will find a new home where it's appreciated.

So...when it was all said and done, I'm glad we went but I learned a lesson. Always bring the camera and a pair of gloves. (The first 3 pictured items will be listed on eBay this evening for a 10 day auction)


Allidink said...

Wow crazy! Wish I had known about it. Sounds interesting.

All the best,

TUTU Monkey said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!! (and a little messy) found some real treasures.......

Denise said...

wow! Great stuff! I hear ya on the gloves....I've been to a few where you wonder how someone lived in that mess....good eye!

Erin said...

what an awesome adventure, so glad that you founds some great pieces! Hope all is well down in Coronado! Erin

sandra Lee said...

Ooooh, kinda creepy but pretty cool! Sounds like you got some fun treasures!