Friday, October 30, 2009

Anthropologie..Nobody Does It Better

I was at our local Anthropologie store last evening, and as we were completing our purchase, we were making small talk with the associate. I asked her how much time is spent on a window display and how many stores they take on in the area. That's when she told us that the side window was just completed today and it was a must see, so we went outside to check it out. It was done with all recyclable plastics and it took the artist over a week to complete. It would have taken me 6 months!
*EDIT* I made a trip back during the day to take a closer look. Besides plastic water bottles, I saw lots of clear plastic forks, styrofoam peanuts, the plastic that holds the 6 pack aluminum cans together and plastic drinking cups. I'm sure there is more, but that was all that I recognized. :)

(you can click on the images to enlarge)

I only wish I had a better camera because these pictures do not do justice to this fabulous window. The longer we studied it up close, the more familiar the plastics became to us. Their displays are so intriguing.

I also admired a wall inside the store that was covered in random strips of old wallpaper. It was a mishmosh of 6 or 8 different patterns of paper stapled to the wall. Random pieces were torn and pulled away from the wall. I really loved the look and thought to myself...I could easily tackle something like this..if I could bring myself to tearing up some beautiful old wallpaper.

Whenever I enter Anthro, I always head towards the candles and perfumes. I got my fix with a Coconut Ice Cream scented candle that smells good enough to eat. My candle was 50% off. :) I got away cheap tonight! Jenna got her fix in the coat she's broke. I kid..Ahhh, to be young with no mortgage, no bills and money to burn! I told her she should be working there to get the 40% off discount. She said no, because she would never have a paycheck. :(


Anonymous said...

Wow....those windos displays are incredible. Where is that store?
Yes, to be young and carefree

Shab-n-Chic said...

It is in the Otay Ranch Town Center- Eastlake. Have you been there?

Relics said...

Oh my goodness
Oh my goodness

That is so beautiful.... it's kind of like a dream, or like being caught in a snowstorm...

Thanks for this- I'm feeling so inspired.

Deb @ Relics

TUTU Monkey said...


I LOVE that store!!