Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Real Treasures From The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl trip was fantastic, and although I didn't bring home any great treasures..I came away with something better...I met some wonderful people with huge hearts.

We met up at 9am in front of the entrance for this group picture. Not everyone is pictured, but I will upload another at the end of the shopping day.

My daughter is in the front row, from left #2 and I am #4.

We were each handed a goodie box filled with sweets and a darling hand made necklace from Jenny. After a few pictures, we were off to shop. Not many bargains to be had, but we got our exercise! Since we actually started at 7am, we had already walked 2 hours before starting out yet again for another three. We met up at Noon for lunch, show and tell and lots of chit chat. Then we headed out to hit just a few more rows and with tired feet, Jenna and I surrendered at 1:30. Thank you to Heather, Jenny , Pam and Amy for your gifts and time in preparing for this event.

I have been so busy with the store that I have not uploaded any photos. I promise to have them by the weekend..


Amy said...

adorable shot of you and your girl bud:) what a cool thing to have in common with her! can't wait for more photos! how were the prices there? I have heard HIGH! xo

Shab-n-Chic said...

Thanks Bud! It is a cool thing and I'm happy she loves the junk as much as I do. Yes, the prices were high and I just stopped asking after awhile...:( I wish everyone would just put price tags on their things!
LOVE your Pom pic you posted yesterday!!! Such talent...

Anonymous said...

Nice picture! Sounds like a fun time with some great ladies and extra special since Jenna got to go on the adventure with you.