Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Couldn't Leave Behind...

at The Rose Bowl flea market.

An old ghosted vanity mirror with etched flowers and pretty glass bottles.

When I asked how much for the mirror tray, his answer surprised me. "Five bucks because I'm tired of looking at it", he replied. I cannot imagine EVER tiring of looking at this sweet thing!

The Bottle Man is always there and I can never pass his table of color without bringing a few home, but I wish now that I had picked up more. He told me how he leaves them on his roof to get these beautiful shade of purple. The aqua seemed to be the popular color that day, although many were buying clear iridescent ones.

This tall pair stands 36 " and were brought over from France by the seller. They originally had glass flowers on some of the metal tips, but they were removed. Can you hear me scream? I have no idea why someone would remove those, but if they were still on there, the price would have been higher than I could have paid. As soon as I saw them, I thought - Jewelry Trees!!! Yes...someday they will hold necklaces.

Found in the very last row, this is something I had always wanted but never really came across. A vintage Simplicity Model Mannequin. She's only 12" tall and she doesn't have her original clothing, but I'll cherish her all the same. She's chippy, but I don't mind one bit! She's just a sweet memory from the Rose Bowl trip.

Pretty embossed metal goblets. These things are so heavy, unmarked , but they cleaned up well. Not even sure what I'll do with them..just had to snag them! Could they be for the bride & groom? I may add them to the website....still debating. Lugged home a few more things which I forgot to photograph!

Jenna got some great vintage dresses. Some to keep, some to sell in her etsy shop. Go take a peek!


Anonymous said...

Love the shades of colors on the bottles. Your new jewelry stand is unique...I have never seen those before. Looks like you had a great time.

robin dudley-howes said...

I found your site through Ritas FB page. Love your new finds!