Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vintage Christmas Decorating

I'm a bit behind in my Christmas decorating this year. With my father in law's recent passing, and just being busy with everyday life, the decorations were put on hold until Sunday evening. Jenna helped me decorate the tree the night before she left. We put up the vintage white tree. I was tempted to get a cute little REAL 5 footer I saw at Target, but she likes the old white one because our vintage pastel ornaments look better on it than a green one.. so we saved 20 bucks. :) (click on images to enlarge)

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments that include some handmade ones from the 1920's & 30's. The little mercury ball horse always makes us smile. Jenna thinks it's funny , and I guess it is! Someone made it long ago and I think it's sweet that there was a time when all ornaments were handmade.

Love this spun angel hair baby in the cradle which hangs with a wire and old mercury beads, a whimsical snowman with dangling legs and the glitter bird that Amy sent to me years ago when we first became buds.

I only use pinks, silver and turquoise blues on the tree. You will see no red, green or gold.

I did pick this cute little 60's pink tulle tree on ebay earlier this summer. Someone bunched the tulle over a pink candle and added little pink ornaments. No w why didn't I think of that? When I got it, it didn't stand very well, so I stuck the base inside a glass candle holder and wha-la!. I think I will place it in the center of the dining room table.

Another eBay purchase over 5 years ago was this vintage pink bottle brush wreath in the box for $20..don't hate me girls! I have seen a few of these sell for well over $100 these days. Yowsza!

Love my little kissing angel couple which I have had since we got married. I used to collect these, but I only found one pair in the box. I must have sold the others. :(

I have a collection of snowmen and Santas which have not yet made it out of the garage this year. Hopefully they will make it inside this year. And last but certainly not least, is my very first heart ornament wreath that I made 5 years ago. It's still hanging on and I haven't lost an ornament yet!


hoganfe said...

Just love your ornaments especially that pink tulle little tree!
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countrygirl3031 said...

Your decorations are absolutely beautiful. I love the bottle brush wreath...and the tulle tree, I think my mom used to make them. Wish I could remember how she did it!

Have a great Christmas!


Amy said...

Oh wow! you have always had the best decoration bud! I remember that heart wreath! teheehe! so darn pretty and that little birdie:) ahhh now I rememember:) cute stuff and cute helper up there in the first photo...hope all is well and you're not too lonesome:) xo

Diane said...

The tree looks wonderful so far! We did get the real ting this year and yes a 4 foot but not target Home depot $19.99. I love it! Your decorations are so pretty I love that tulle tree charming. Merry Christmas
Hugs, Diane

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Lovely decorations Nancy! I think we are all jealous of that bottle brush wreath! (*_*) ~Stacy

Nancy and the fatties said...

Every ornament must have a wonderful story behind it, they are so beautiful - condolences to you in the loss of your father in law...
sending warm hugs from Texas...

Denise said...

I love all your ornies and that tulle tree is awesome. No red or green in my house either!

Vintagesquirrel said...

Your heart ornament ornament wreath is so gorgeous. Do you leave it out until Valentine's? I definately would! When I took out my wreath this year, I found that one of my ornies was smashed...but after carefully extracting the last bits of glass, I replaced it with another vintage ornament. So, all is good again. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.