Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Did It !

Life has been hectic and I've put my web site on the back burner for sometime now. I decided to sit myself down this morning and just do it! I listed 7 new items which will be available for viewing at 5pm PST today.

I remember the days when I would add 15 or more to the site each week. What happened? Well, for starters, I have a store to fill and this web site thingy is time consuming as I'm sure many of you know. Taking pictures, writing descriptions, uploading's about the same as listing on eBay. So for now, I will try to add at least five items a week, but no promises! :)

These bamboo Paris Hotel door mats are new to the store and are available in 2 styles! They roll up for easy shipping, and so cute that you might have to have both!

March 8 Update... The mats are selling quickly, but I have 1 more set on the website. Thanks to all who ordered! I will be posting photos of 3 more styles coming soon. You can check them out here.


Sweet Repose said...

Meat purse and Tutu Monkey...I'm just having an overload here...but I know what you mean about the website, between my daughters' shop and sisters' and the blog, there just isn't enough time out there and I MUST talk to all my bloggy friends...more days in the week is what we need...right!

love the mats...

A Sentimental Journey said...

It's rough isn't it dealing with the blog, the website, life, etc??? I finally stopped selling directly on my website ~ use it now as just a place to find me online and live, I like it much better that way!! Off to check out your goods.

BTW hope it's okay if I leave your blog link on mine??? I enjoy stopping by here. Just lmk if it's not and I'll remove it for you. Have a great day, Nancy!!

Anne Marie said...

great little blog you have...don't know how I stumbled upon you- but see you later!!

Anonymous said...
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Jillian said...

I know what you mean about finding the time to list items. I love to do it but with a baby in the is sooooo tough!

Your website is fab! So chic!

The new items look great.