Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Tutu For Your Little Monkey

I'd like to introduce my new friend Dana, the darling gal behind Tutu Monkey. She stopped by the store today for a quick hello, but I never mentioned I was going to share her Etsy site with you all. This will be a little surprise for her! If you have a little one that needs a tutu, check out her Etsy site. She also accepts custom orders. and makes matching "Noggin Toppers"-Hair Clips and hand wands too!


Tamerie Shriver said...

Dana is very sweet and her tuts are just adorable. I wish she made them for adults!


A Vintage Mood said...

How adorable! My grandbaby's a boy, but maybe someday...

BTW, thanks for the comment you left me. I love your 30-minute rule ~ must incorporate that into my treasure hunting excursions in the future!

Breathing Beside Us said...

Well...... Everyone knows how much I too love Dana and her YUMMY baby, Sarah....ahhhhhhhh
Her work is beautiful, and so is Dana herself.

TUTU Monkey said...

Ahhhhh what a fun surprise you made my day!!! I have had a sick little "Tutu Monkey" today and popping on your site really brought a huge smile to my face!!!!! Thank you so much!!

Tamerie.....I made a tutu a few months ago for a 55 year old MAN....:) ( I didn't ask any questions....but I am sure he made and entrance where ever he was going......)

Thanks again Nancy....have a wondeful weekend!!