Saturday, December 26, 2009

It was Far From Calm....

on Christmas Eve. It was more like All Is Smoky at our house on Christmas Eve. We had a little "kitchen disaster" that actually, could have turned out to be much worse. We were all at my Mom's house which is next door to our home. She needed an extra oven for baking the dinner so Jenna ran home to turn ours on to preheat. Well....a few minutes went by and the alarm company called my Mom's to tell us that our fire alarm was sounding..No, Nancy wasn't cooking again. She was standing mext to Mom when the call came in! In a matter of seconds, we heard the firetruck and we ran as fast as we could back to our house, which was filled with smoke, but no fire, thank God! We got the dogs out quickly, they were a little shaken, but fine. Lesson of the day. Do not turn on an oven and leave the house, especially if you used it the day before and someone forgot to clean what dripped onto the oven base!

Other than that, we had a perfect day with the family. Lots of laughs, food and good times. Pictures coming soon and no, I didn't take any of our disaster. That was the last thing on my mind. This is one Christmas Eve we will not soon forget!


Anonymous said...

What a scare. So glad everything turned out okay. said...

Oh no! That had to be scarry. We has our turkey burtst into flames last Thanksgiving and that was a bit unnerving too. Glad it all ended on a happy note. Happy New Year!!!
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