Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Matilda's Mouse Barn Sale Part II

It's been a busy past few weeks, Christmas is over and we can all take a breather. I finally sifted through the photos taken at Matilda's Barn Sale, and selected a few favorites to share with you. The barn sales are held monthly and we hope to attend the next one in January!

Meet the star of the show, Matilda...
and oh yes, Matilda is real!

Kandi loved this cupboard and this cute towel rack

Jane loved these glass doors

I thought this wicker floor lamp was so unique.

A beautiful vignette!

Is this a dog or a pony?

This tiny armoire would have gone in my DREAM bathroom to hold towels and neccesities. It was painted pale lavender! If it's still there next trip...hmmmm??

The Attic Girls with Matilda
Jane, Kandi , Nanc

With all of the tempting treasures, I still thought Matilda was the cutest thing I'd seen that day. :) Sadly, NOT for sale!

The ride home was a little tight after we slid the birdcage stand and column up the middle of the SUV. Haha... We turned the column into a cool jewelry stand for the shop!


My Vintage Treasures said...

What beautiful eye candy :)

red ticking said...

so pretty... would love to have been there! many blessings to you in 2010... x pam

Denise said...

looks like a fun sale! Great stuff! Have a Happy New Year!

Kerri Houston said...

Matilda is adorable! Have a Happy New Year!

Kerri Houston said...

Matilda is adorable :) Have a Happy New Year!