Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking The Etsy Plunge

Daughter is gearing up to open an eTsy shop with her vintage dresses, shoes and handbags. There's no more room in the closet, so something has to go! Each time she tries on one of her vintage dresses, she walks out to show me and asks the same question. "Should I sell it??" Anyone out there who collects, can relate. It's so hard to let go of the things we love, even though we don't have the space or need for them any longer.

She purchased a tripod so she can take her own photos. The older she gets, the more she hates for me to photograph her. I'm still posting this one..she never reads my blog. :)
You can CLICK HERE to visit her eTsy page


Anonymous said...

How exciting for Jenna! And a great way to clean out the stuff you no longer wear. Best of luck to her.

Sweet Repose said...

Like mother like daughter...heehee...boy do I know!

Hope the tremor was nothin'...but scary anyway!

Boy, I'm getting more and more calls on soaps these days, I just sent samples to the boys at Leftovers in Texas. My friend barb Connor, the one that has that great shop, knows them really well and was talking to them on the phone the other day and happened to mention my soap, so they said send some samples. I love the new pans and the thicker bars...too much fun!

We had someone email today about the mall we are moving to, they wanted to know if there was a space for a bakery...so maybe some interest is spreading and we'll get lots of new business out there. Right now it's pretty dead, but I think that will change and soon...hope so!!!

Next year they will be resurfacing the parking lot, but we aren't so busy yet that it will matter, but wouldn't it be great if it did!!! WOOHOO!!!

Good luck with your sidewalk nightmare!