Friday, February 29, 2008

More Junk...NO room!

I wish I could stop...but I can't!

Our family room is busting at the seams, so something has to give. I brought home this pair last week..could not pass them up, even though I don't really NEED them. I am thinking of taking out the love seat and placing them against the wall in it's place. I know the doggies love their love seat...but I'm tired of fluffing the cushions!

So when I ask my husband what he thinks, he looks at me and shakes his head and says "you're going to do what you want to do , so why ask my opinion?" He's right, for once. `)


quiltdoggie said...

Gosh, Nancy ~ I never ever do that, nope, neva ~ ??!*$*@!(!(!&$!@(~($&!(*@~ hahaha!

Those pooches look purdy darn comfy, dunno, you might have a problem on your hands :) Have a great weekend!

a said...

hahahahha! me too're couch is like identical to mine and I'm soooo ready for a cleaner not fluffing couch! maybe you could give each brother a cushion? tom! xo

Jules said...

I adore your blog love yopur style and your pillow squishing puppies.
I see your husband and mine could be related and i can really see how you couldnt say no to them chairs.Divine and i do think space is highly over rated whern it could be filled with something chic lol