Thursday, February 14, 2008

Q: What's better than a box of chocolates?

Answer: An antique postcard album filled with over 200 postcards from the early 1900's.

My husband just returned from a visit to his parent's
in Maryland this past week, and he found a treasure!
Look at what he surprised me with!

There are numerous Valentine & Romantic tinted photograph cards,Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, St. Patick's, Patriotic, Bathing Beauties and ROSES! I have too many favorites, but here are a few that I just adore.

I was so lost in this book, that I may have forgot to hug my poor husband...
I hope he doesn't waste a trip to the card shop today, because I'm content with all of these cards!
Our daughter immediately snagged these 3 postcards below to display in her room.

Here's wishing you all a day filled with LOVE!


jane said...

Way to go Tom you're the MAN!!
(wonder what my husband is gonna bring today)It better be good!

a said...

wow! tom! Score! bud that book and the seashore book YOU had a couple of good book days;)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

WOW! You got one keeper of a man, Nancy! That's a fabulous gift!