Saturday, July 5, 2008

I love parcels!

..Especially when they smell this sweet! As soon as I picked this up off the ground, the sweet scent of lemon verbena hit me. I couldn't wait to rip this box open. My blog friend Sharon from Sweet Repose is responsible for this..
All it took was one whiff. I'm hooked! I was also treated to samples of other scented soaps...shame on you Sharon! My favorite is the Lemon Verbena and it feels heavenly on your hands. Lathers like no other soap and you almost don't want to put it back in the soap dish! SO head on over to Sharon's and order some soap and treat yourself to a candle or two. Even when it isn't burning, I walk by it and the scent is still strong! I ordered the chestnut brown sugar and it smells sooooo yummy that I know I will be ordering more.

1 comment:

Sweet Repose said...

You were soooooooooo forworned...enjoy the a new scent today...'Monkey Farts'...what can I say, it's popular!!!