Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Birthday Outing

I love birthdays..especially when they are not my own. My big sissy turned the big Six-OH this week! When the sisters have a birthday, we always meet for lunch & shopping. It was a beautiful sunny day as you can see by the shadows. Today we met at Anthropologie. (The birthday girl far right, with grand daughter and daughter)

As soon as we entered the store, there sat my favorite old french table, front and center. I dream about this table...being in my kitchen! I posted about it a few weeks ago when I spotted it tucked away in the back room. Sadly, I won't be bringing it home anytime soon unless I win the lottery. It's $14,000.

They have completely revamped the displays since our last visit. Loved this mannequin with the old tripod and camera. I immediately thought of my shutterbug friend Amy.

I saw many many things I loved, but I walked out with just a bottle of Sweet Pea & Vanilla perfume. We all spritzed and sniffed for quite a while before settling on this one.

Here's my sis getting fitted with a belt by her daughter. :) My sister doesn't seem to be as enthusiastic as her daughter..heehee.

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your sissy bud! She looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna smell that perfume..oh yes eye candy for the camera girls in that store...I was in an antho store in Minneapolis once and as soon as I lifted my camera to my eye and snotty clerk came up to me and said NO we don't allow photos...I'm thinking why in the heck advertising...stupid rule..and 14,000 for that table? that price who could put food on it! hahahahhaa! looks like a fun way to celebrate! xo