Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life May Not Be Calm....

..but I'm certain she will carry on.


artsy*dreams said...

Geez...I had no idea...thanks for letting us know.

artsy*dreams said...

Hi again,
You are probably wondering who is this artsy*dreams writing on my I thought I should introduce myself! I started following your auctions when you sold on Ebay, your auction photos were like eye candy and I looked forward to them as much as your auctions. Then you went on to your own website...which has the most fabulous stuff and now you have achieved a dream held by many...opening a truly GORGEOUS shop with friends...all this time I have been a quiet fly on the wall or should I say blog...cheering you on and admiring your strength and business sense. I recently met a lovely friend of yours, Jen from ladyjanevintage through one of your posts and thought it was time to say hi! You are an inspiration to many and you have an amazing gift of knowing what people want! I wish you much continued success and I'll be there cheering you on...and maybe not just in the shadows anymore!
Love your name by the way....
All my best,

artsy*dreams said...

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for your kind words and response...although having to hear about that 80 degree weather when ours topped of at -10 today was a bit rough haha :). Somedays do get you down, but then the next day seems to always be also helped to finally have a few days of is a amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to a mood...makes you feel alive again I was out today running errands and I noticed quite a few happy, smiling people! It is funny to see that you live in San Diego...back in the late '70's I almost moved to San Diego, went out there, had a few job interviews....and then I decided I missed my "boyfriend" to much and thought could it be I came back to Ohio and to make a long story short that boyfriend is now my husband of 29 years this May! Funny how things work out!
BTW I am going to try one of Jenna's recipes!