Thursday, February 12, 2009

Estate Sale

It's not everyday that we're invited to an estate pre-sale, so when Jane called me a few weeks ago to say we were going the next day to a great old house in Coronado, I was ecstatic! The house was wonderful, built in the early 1930's. We came away with some furniture, boxes of collectibles, jewelry, scarves, hats and more. We had to make a few trips back to get our purchases, but no complaints here! We went into the garage after we finished going through the inside, and came across a large collection of comic books, Monsters of Filmland, MAD, National Lampoon, and 60's music magazines. We really knew nothing about them, but the price was right so we took them all. As we were leaving, she mentioned to us that this was the childhood home of the late Jim Morrison of the Doors. That was probably during the late 1950's, but an interesting fact nonetheless! The house is up for sale now for a mere 1.7 Million...any takers? I was just a tad short, so I had to pass. `o)

As you enter the front door...a beautiful staircase.

I LOVED this flocked black and white wallpaper and tile. Sadly, there was not an extra roll to be found in the closet. :( I hope the new owners keep it. Nothing today compares to the charm of these old homes.

The tub was so unique..I had to take a picture. I know, I'm weird.
Can you still get a tub like this? I want one!!!

The back yard garden was small, but nice. We loved the tall Japanese pagoda lantern which is now sitting near our Koi pond.
We picked up a few smaller Japanese pagodas and garden statuary that will heading to the shoppe when we spruce up our garden area.

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