Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recycled Watch Necklace

I just love love love these watch necklaces! We have been carrying them at the shoppe So if you are interested in purchasing one, just let me know! They can be made up in gold or silver, although the silver watch faces are a little harder to come by. Just let me know your initial and the type of charm you would like underneath. A bird, a crown, a heart...lovingly made by a talented local artist.
I had to get two for myself because I just couldn't decide!


Amy said...

I want that A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them to death....I'm going to go see what I have in my piggy bank:)

Sweet Repose said...

I love them too...been so busy lately at my daughter Piper's store...totally rearranging to fit another vendor in, she has all new stuff...ask me if I'm sick of it...right! All last week and even Sunday, but today is the last of it. I know you can identify!!!

The Norbmeister says HEY...hope things are pickin up, they have been up at Sisters', I'm totally surprised at how much I made in January, but we've actually been lucky with the snow this winter, can't wait fer spring!!!


Nancy said...

Thanks Amy! I will ship tomorrow...I can't believe how quickly those sold. I put in another order for more. Hope they come in time for Valentine's Day!

Amy said...

oooh I love them:) It takes a bit more for me to go bazonkers over things but these just got me:) can't wait for my A! These are so unique ! Thanks budzky & attic girls for getting this to me <3 !

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Nanc - Those are SO COOL! Lately, I am definitely drawn to one of a kind - artisan jewelry! I'll keep watching to see if you ever offer a "J" in silvertone!:) Jen