Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Childhood Friend

I walk by this old pepper tree every day, but today I took a little sentimental journey with camera in tow. This tree and I have been friends for a long long time. It was here when my parents moved into this house in the 1950's and I'm sure it was there for 50 years before that. It was a favorite hangout for me and my friends and I would climb this tree nearly every day. The picture below was the starting point.

I can still see the indentations and hand grips that I used back then to make my way up this monster. About half way up was where I nailed in the boards to make our seats. And yes, this was a girls only tree house. :) Funny..I don't even remember my Mom being a bit nervous about us climbing up this tree, and I can proudly say I never fell out of it!

The view from ground level...Isn't it awesome? I wish I had the body to climb up this tree and take a shot of the view from up there.You can click on images to enlarge.

I kept a little pirate chest up there with coins and when we had enough saved, we would ride our bikes down the hill to the market to buy a 5 cent Fudgesickle and a bag of penny candy.
Awww... the good old days. When something as simple as climbing a tree could keep a kid entertained for hours, and no helmet required.

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a said...

aw bud I missed this post* don't ya just love these stories? How cool that you got all sentimental:) I would have had fun putting in some $ to the treasure chest and get a fudgesicle with you!