Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot Spot!

No..I'm not talking about the latest vintage hot spot. Poor Miss Sophie had to make a trip to the vet yesterday. What I thought was going to be a $40 office visit and a $25 antibiotic, magically tuned into $240. Amazing! really should consider becoming a vet to support your parents in their old age. :)

For a pug, she really hasn't had that many health problems. We've been fortunate.
She has always had allergies but a "hot spot" got out of hand under her neck, and she required antibiotic pills, topical cream and a special soap which I am using over the next 4 days on her. Pugs have lots of loose skin folds and I had not checked it for a few days. I was shocked to see it and within one day it doubled in size.
I will spare you the pictures of her neck, but I do regret not taking the picture of Jenna carrying Sophie on her back out to the car. Yes, she is that spoiled. Jenna said "She looks like Anna Nicole Smith going to ReHab"


Sweet Repose said...

Poor baby, know what you mean. Scratchy has her usual summertime itchies, a summer fungus in the grass, of which she roles in continually. Bare bottom and incessant scratching, not a pretty sight as she pops another Benadryl. It goes away in the fall as soon as the frost hits the grass...but then does the summer...we'll deal.

Have a great itchy weekend Mother.


A Sentimental Journey said...

ohhh the poor little muffin!! Those hot spots can GROW so quickly. Chuck our basset hound gets them in his skin folds, too ~ Hope Miss Sophie is feelin' better soon xoxoxo!!!

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Awwww hope Sophie feels better soon - and Oooooh that FACE! I just wanna give her a smooch! Tell her her friend Ruby hopes she feels better soon too! ;) Jen

a said...

240.00 argh! awww look at that little girl. I know how it is, I have had to get rid of a few hot spots on pets over the years...all that dough just to get rid of some sore scabs!.. vets are such a rip! I'm glad Sophie is on the mend though! xo