Sunday, August 24, 2008


We came home to a house without power yesterday afternoon. According to the one and only electric clock in the house, the power had stopped at 3pm. No big had only been out an hour so it would be coming on any minute, right? I waited for what seemed like an hour, and then looked at my cell phone. Ten minutes had passed. I decided to call the G&E company and the recording said that there was indeed an underground cable problem on our little street of 10 houses. The recording said to expect power back at 7pm. Okay...I can handle this. Got out the oil lamps, candles and flashlight to prepare. power, 7:30.. nothing. In walks Thom with Chinese take out..YES! I called again at 8:00pm and now they say power will return at 10:30pm. Great. Jenna and I are both going nuts by this time and husband had taken off at 8:30 to kill some balls at the driving range. Poor guy..I think he missed his tv more than I did my computer. The doggies were confused and we were both getting cabin fever. Jenn and I decided to go to my Mom's to watch a movie and when we came home a little after midnight, the power had just returned. You don't realize how much you appreciate power until it's been out for 9 hours. I was unable to add anything to the web site but will be working on that today, so if you are in the mood to shop, hop on over around 6pm and I will have a few new items up.


Sweet Repose said...

Four hurricanes in one summer, no power for days, 100 degree heat and humidity, no cell phones, no fridge, no air, no fans, no gas, no shower, no toilet, no TV, no PC...ahhh, but the silence was golden...until the neighbor turned on the generator. I'm with ya here.


Shab-n-Chic said... I feel pretty stupid. :( No power for days AND no cell phones? I would most certainly have lost my mind.