Friday, August 15, 2008

Pink Caddy

Miss Jenna and I were driving to the market the other day when we both spotted this at the same should have heard the squeals. I haven't heard her scream like that since that 'N Sync concert back in 1998.

It had a for sale sign on the window, so we had to get an up close look. A 1955 Fleetwood Cadillac in all her glory for a mere $10,900. The pink could not be any more perfect and Ms. Sophie the pug would be pretty darn cute riding in this. We might have to get her a poodle skirt!

Since Jenna just took her written driving test and passed, she has been eyeballing every vintage car we pass. She is dead set on an oldie...nothing new for this girl.
We gazed and admired her for awhile, and you know how hard this would be to park? This baby is more like a boat than a car. As pretty as it was, we walked away knowing it would not be a practical purchase. I mean, come on..unless she wants to live in it!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

SWEEEEET car! =)

Do you have satellite tv? Because there is a show on Saturday nights called the Mecum Auto Show (they auction off all oldie cars out in Indiana -- hubby and I love to watch it and ooohhh and ahhhh over all the vintage cars they aution off)!

a said...

OH BABY! Get it! Get it! Get it! that's all I have ta say:)

A Sentimental Journey said...

That is way kewl!! Somehow I see Jenna sporting her big sunglasses, polka dot dress & kerchief in her hair. . . . piloting that baby around San Diego ~ FABULOUS!!!!!