Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vintage Couture

I was going through my pictures tonight. Moms do this sort of thing when their "baby" is about to have yet another birthday. Jenna turns 19 this week.

Some of my closest friends know that my girl LOVES her vintage! She has collected and worn vintage clothing since she was 15. When her friends were wearing jeans or the latest trends at school, she was showing up in a dress from the 1940's through the 60's. I'm sure some found her a bit odd, but she did meet a lot of new friends who approached her to ask where she found her dresses. Even her teachers were intrigued by this girl who looked like she walked off the set of I Love Lucy. :)

Here are some shots of a few of her favorites. Her closet is full, although she is letting go of a few which I have been taking into the store. She will never be able to wear them all, and it's nice to know they will be worn again.

This was a rare thrift store find. A Beautiful salmon silk early 40's dress.

This is definitely a dancing dress. It has a fringe bottom trim, perfect for a night out on the town, but my girl doesn't dance. :(

This was an eBay purchase and we paid way too much, but she wanted it for her 17th Birthday. It has little white doves and rhinestones over the entire dress.

The Daisy Dress...she still loves it, but sadly, she has grown of it.

This is her most recent addition to the closet. It's really adorable and reminds me of a style that just might be at Anthropologie! She loves it and it's one that she can wear everyday.

Jenna drafted the pattern and made this dress all on her own. She did recycle a fur collar she found at an estate sale, which she debated on using. I was very proud of her design and perseverance.

Her real obsession is handbags, although I stopped counting at 50. It's really ridiculous, but hard to pass them up when you find them for under $10. This is just one cabinet that holds her precious bags. Just wanted to mention, the top of those doors are not dirty..the green paint has just worn away from opening and closing those doors one too many times! :)

A year ago, her dream was to have her own vintage clothing store. Now she bakes. And bakes, and bakes. Maybe she will have her own bakery someday? She baked over 40 cupcakes tonight for her birthday, in 3 variety's! I guess she doesn't trust dear old Mom's baking, but you won't hear me complaining!


Denise said...

what a beautiful girl! She has such a great style. Those dresses are just wonderful!

Serendipit-Us said...

Your "baby" has style with a capital "S"! How wonderful that a young woman has such an appreciation for pieces of history! Job well done, Mom :-)


Cottage Way of Life said...

A big happy birthday to Jenna!!!

She looks fantastic in her vintage couture (all of which is so pretty) and I think it's truly fabulous that she has such a sense of style and doesn't let the rest of the world dictate what that sense of style is!

The Red Velvet Shoe said...

She is absolutely lovely! You must be so proud. I, too, have a daughter and hope she will embrace my love and respect for the beauty of vintage clothing and dressing like a lady!


PS~~I completely understand the "handbag obsession!!

A Vintage Mood said...

Happy Birthday to Jenna! She looks gawgeous! And of course, you know I'm drooling over all those handbags!

mrsmorris said...

WOW, looking at those photos was like taking a step back in time. What a beautiful and talented girl you have.


Amy said...

gorgeous Jenn! I feel like I have watched her grow bud:)xo