Saturday, April 4, 2009

Junking With A Buddy

A good friend of mine came down to go junking with me so I thought I'd take you along for the ride. She came all the way from Palm Desert. Say hello to Diane. :) I met Diane through eBay, many moons ago. She won an auction of mine, and we've never lost touch! Diane's a sweetheart and although she was recently laid off of her job of 10+ years, her spirit has not been broken! I know something better will come her way.

This old work table was pretty cool, but way too big.For once I found something that would not fit in the back of my car!

This was an odd desk. Very tall, missing some drawers, but cool nonetheless!

A day late..this chest of drawers was sold. :(

Cute desk, even cuter color!

This child size armoire has been there since October, It started out at $300 and it's now down to $100. It does need some work, but I'm still a little surprised it's still there.

Every thrift store has the quirky little what nots that nobody wants. I usually pick up one or two to save for our Christmas white elephant exchange. I may go back for this guy..whatever he may be! Anyone have a clue?

I did end up with some nice smalls, but I forgot to take a picture of everything! Oh well.... Be sure to visit my store blog to see our Spring event that just took place on the 28th.

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