Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Mattress Game

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. Ours was pretty uneventful, unless you call going to the mattress store special. So I did a little homework on mattresses and got the biggest chuckle after reading this humorous post on mattress shopping.

"Here's a fun game I play. First, I walk into a mattress store and ask what's on sale. Then, I throw my hands in the air and shout along with the salesman, "EVERYTHING'S ON SALE!!!!" Oh how we laugh, the salesman and I. And while he's still chuckling, I turn around and walk out, because I fricking hate mattress salesmen."

Oh, how I wanted to play this game , but for those of you who know me personally, you know I would never have the backbone to do it. :)

This particular store had been running a radio ad all week and they said it ended on Memorial Day. Yeah...right. They also said if we purchased today by 2pm, we would be sleeping on our new mattress the very next day! Yeah...right.

I really dread shopping for a mattress for two reasons. #1 - I hate the thought of spending nearly $2000 on something as boring as a mattress, and #2 -there are TOO many choices. So when we went in we made up our mind in advance to only lay on 2 different makers. Simmons and Sealy, although that Vera Wang display of mattresses almost had me! We laid on our backs, tossed & turned on about 6 different ones before deciding on a Simmons Beauty Rest. As we are paying, he punches some keys and tells us that the mattress we purchased is the "most popular" and is currently out of stock. He sold 20 today...mmmmhmmm... sure you did. It will be delivered in one week. A slight let down, but we're okay with it. Since we are getting a King this time, I would like to get a new headboard. I'm leaning towards having one made like this...

or just buying an old door and doing it ourselves. When I told my husband that this morning, he groaned..."are we at least going to sand it and paint it?" Seriously though, he doesn't really care..he was just teasing me because he knows how I love things with peeling paint.

I found the one below from Martha Stewart.com, but I think it's a little taller than I would like ours to be.

This one would be a dream come true, but it's a one of a kind.
I'd love to hear from anyone who has used an old door as a headboard, or had a custom one made.


Cottage Way of Life said...

I haven't made a headboard (mine is an old French bed) but I think the idea of using vintage doors is a great idea. I was watching HGTV recently (I think the show was Color Splash), they were redoing a bedroom and they used an old door for the headboard. They cut it in half using both halves side by side to make the headboard wide enough, and edged the sides with 4X4s for posts. If I recall, they also added decorative caps to the posts to make it look finished and they matched the paint on the door for the posts. The headboard turned out very nice. Oh, and they sanded down the doors first as the carpenter complained about chippy lead paint. They gave the doors a clear coat of sealer when everything was done and assembled. If you are at all handy, it didn't look like it was that bad of a project to tackle.

I'm with you on the mattress-buying thing. Did that myself a couple of weeks ago. Got the same "we can't deliver it today" speech too. Hated (hated, hated) the process. Love the mattress though.

I don't know what is worse, buying a mattress or a car. They are both pretty awful to deal with!

Denise said...

YES! I have two chippy white doors put together for a headboard with some vintage cabbage rose fabric draped over it.....I love it!!!

Shab-n-Chic said...

Hey Sue...thanks for feeling my pain! I would love to see your headboard sometime. Sounds divine!
Enjoying that grandson much? :)

Liz said...

It's going to be fabulous! Love the door idea, always have. And I'm with you on the mattress shopping. Ours stinks, but I just keep putting it off b/c those salesmen wear me out. Furniture salesmen too. I just want to be left alone and look around by myself! Whew, I sound cranky huh?

Becky from Tennessee said...

I agree with one of the
other gals...looking for
a mattress and a car are
equal torture! Don't you
feel SILLY lying on the
bed while the salesman is
hovering over you???? We
bought a mattress a couple
of years ago and when it
was delivered, we realized
it was too tall for our
iron bed.....we couldn't
even see the headboard!!
Oooops! our daughter now
has our bed!
Good luck with your head-

Erin said...

Nancy, it was so nice to meet you and see your wonderful shop in person! You were so sweet to share the jewelry information with me too. Please keep in touch! Erin

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Wow! I've never seen those headboards made out of old doors! I need an idea like that to make a DESK for my home office that we making over...:) Hope all is well with you! Trying to get back into this BLOGGING!;) Jen