Friday, May 1, 2009


Today was spent preparing for our Mother's Day store event on Saturday. My first stop was the local strawberry field where I picked up some berries. This is as fresh as it gets! Along with the strawberries, our guests will enjoy homemade Almond Cake, Toffee Nut and Snickerdoodle cookies, compliments of our resident baker, Kandi. She makes the best cookies, and lord knows I don't bake! I decided to pick up some Wilson Creek Almond Champagne this time around since I have heard rave reviews on it. Anyone tried it? I then headed over to the store where I met with my partners to finish up the arranging and planning for Saturday. In between this, our local newspaper reporter came over to take a photo in store for an upcoming article on the 3/50 Project. You can read about the 3/50 Project by clicking here. When I got home, I was ready to relax until I received an email from one of our guest artist who is unable to attend tomorrows events after suffering a broken toe. :( After a few emails, and some nail biting, we were able to secure a replacement, at nearly midnight, who will be bringing some beautiful things to The Attic. Tamerie's a life saver and I will be sure to share all the photos on Sunday.
The weather report predicts possible morning showers, but we won't let that dampen our spirits! If you are in the San Diego area, come on over the to The Attic and join us. We'll be there from 11-6pm.

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Amy said...

yum yum yum!!!!! everything sounds so darn good:)