Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LT. Dan Cnossen

I received an email this morning, about LT. Dan Cnossen, a Navy Seal from Coronado,Ca. Dan was leading his Coronado based SEAL Team in Afghanistan earlier this month when he stepped on an IED. Miraculously he is now alive and fighting in the ICU in Maryland. You can read Dan's story by clicking HERE. Your support/prayers would be much appreciated.
Dan's sister writes:
"We've heard that people are praying for Dan all over the country and world - and you cannot imagine how powerful this is to us and to him. These prayers are helping improve his health and his spirit every day. Whether you support this war or not, please continue to support and pray for the men and women who are involved."


Denise said...

I sure will pray for him and his family. That is so nice of you to post it on your blog. The power of prayer works!

TUTU Monkey said...

Thanks for posting.........lots of prayers for this amazing guy!

T said...

What an amazing young man. My heart & prayers go out to him and his family. All these men and women deserve our support.