Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spill The Scrap!

Looks like Tamerie tagged me so I'm it! :)

The 'rules' for this tag are:
(1) link back to the person who who gave it to you.
(2) List 10 things about yourself that are known or unknown:

1. I am a chocoholic and get cranky if I don't have something sweet once a day.
2. I used to weigh 125 during my twenties..what happened? (see #1)
3. I really hate to clothes shop (See #2)
4. I have been known to read random blogs until 2am.
5. I talk to my dogs and refer to myself as Grandma.. wow, did I just admit that?
6. I don't keep a very neat car since I'm always hauling junk to the store.
7. I would rather eat out, than cook.
8. I rarely watch tv. So out of touch with Reality shows.John&Kate+8 who?
9. I live less than a hundred yards from the house I grew up in.
(Guess you could say I've never left home?)
10. I really don't like getting older..but
then again,who does?

And Rule #3, pass this on to 3 other bloggers...you lucky gals!

1 : Theresa T's SunnyDaze
2 : Gina Lizzy Bs
3 : Sharon The Fabric of Sweet Repose


Sweet Repose said...

Us chocoholics gotta stick together...you are so bad girl!!!

I'll try to get a list together, this oughta be rich...

later gater...s

Shab-n-Chic said...

Sharon- I am on the edge of my seat!
I just know this is going to be good. :)