Sunday, September 13, 2009

Strange But True

I was looking through my picture folder and came across this one that was from a newspaper article a few years back. I immediately recognized the palm trees and house as my Mom's house, but who was this guy standing in front of it? He's the guy behind the book THE LARGEST U.S. CITIES NAMED AFTER A FOOD and Other Mind-Boggling Geography Lists from Around the World. Okay, so maybe it's not a book that's on everyone's shelf, but if I saw it at a yard sale for a quarter, I may just pick it up. :)

There is a chapter in the book...Weird Street Names. It seems that our little street made the list. Whenever I have to fill out something with our address, or tell someone our street name, I ALWAYS get a reaction. Some start singing ..."I did it myyyy way...", some may snicker, some actually ask if it's REALLY my street name? As if I would make that up? hahaha....
After reading through the other street names, I think I would rather live on My Way. Here are just a few to make you giggle.

Drunkard Road
Jokers Wild Lane
Burrito Drive
Big Mac Road

Anyone out there have any great ones to add to this list?


Tamerie Shriver said...

There is a street in Atlanta called The By Way.

b. said...

cute post. no cute street name for me.

T said...

I've always thought your street name was cute. How long ago did they write that article?