Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Many Faces Of...


In case you can't tell by this post, this little guy makes me nuts. He has stolen my heart and has me wrapped around his paw.

When we first rescued him, he was pretty hairy. Once we started taking him to the groomer, he seemed much happier!

And I discovered her had the prettiest big brown eyes I ever met.

He bites on his tongue when he sleeps....this kills me!

..and foams at the mouth when he rides in the car. He's a nervous type.

This last picture gets a laugh out of me every time I look at it. He had just finished playing with our pug and was rubbing his face all over a blanket. When he raised his head up, I happened to have a camera nearby and took this as quickly as I could because I knew his hair would not stay this way.


Tamerie Shriver said...

The last picture is hilarious!

Sweet Repose said...

The last shot reminds me of Scratchy after she sticks her head out of the truck stuff...

Why do we fall so deep for these little furry heathens, they just melt our hearts...even Norbie...waaaa... said...

I sincerely enjoyed visiting your blog. Ivan is precious. "My Way" sounds like my kids. And, what a blessing to of had Barbara so near by for so long.


T said...

Ivan has the cutest face(s). The last photo made me laugh. I can see how he has stolen your heart.
Ivan is so lucky to be with a great family.