Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oprah's Top Picks For Summer

I was watching the Oprah show yesterday , and it was Oprah's Favorite Things show. What a lucky bunch! So she raved about a turkey burger she had ordered at Mar-a-Lago, The Donald's private club in Palm Beach. It looked quite tasty, and the chef wasn't too bad himself. I have plans to try out the recipe one day this week. Here's the link to the recipe in case anyone missed it. I wouldn't mind hiring that chef to cook for me `)
I'm kidding girls!


a said...

ok yeah that sounds good, but you have to get the recipe for the ones we make here:) good golly they are good..might just have to make them tonight! let me know if you want the recipe? xo

Andrea said...

Hey Nancy ~ Actually this comment is about the previous entry for The Attic. What a dream to be able to work in such a dreamy enviroment. Such a shame that's it's gone.