Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Senior Prank

Its that time of the year again, Senior Prank Day! Senior pranks tend to be a unofficial tradition at most high schools. Every class wants THEIR class to leave a lasting memory for other students, teachers as well as themselves. When I dropped off Jenna at school today, I was giggling like a school girl when I saw that the students had turned their entire grass quad eating area into a used car lot. The cars had streamers and writing on the windows.. and right before the first bell rang, all the car alarms went off. Oh those silly kids. I guess the Vice Principal didn't think it too funny because she threatened to have all the cars towed if they were not removed within the hour. Other than that, I saw that they had Saran wrapped all the stairways leading to the upper level classrooms, and stacked the lunch tables as high as they could. The students will have to do the clean up...FUNS OVER! Does anyone remember what their Senior Prank was? It's been a looong time since I was in High School, and I seriously cannot remember anything more than toilet papering the hallways..wow, talk about no imagination!


a said...

ahhh fun! me too all I can remember is toilet paper what's with that? Congratulations to your girl:) when is the BIG DAY?? soon right?? I'm still waiting.......... that box is tempting me as I type...but I promise to wait till mad comes home I'll take a shot by shot of her opening it! xo

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Great post, bringing back some fond ((snickering)) memories.

The best senior prank was the year they made the Quad (eating area) into a real life fish pond. There were thousands of sand bags shaped into one great big circle, filled with gallons of water, and you guessed it...lots of fishes. It was a great big wet sandy mess, but we thought it was funny, at the time.

Okay so it made me giggle now just thinking about it.


Sweet Repose said...

Sorry, I was the shy, quiet type in high school (1967) never getting into trouble...it was after high school that the serious fun began, but collecting elephant dung from the local zoo and placing on top of my friends vehicles was about as crazy as it got. Ahhhh, the good ol' dayz...
ps...the unfortuate peacock was Kathy Lee...very dear to my heart, as was her beau Regis.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Too funny! I grew up south of Boston, and things were pretty rowdy when I was in school. Three years before my grad class, the kids greased up a pig and let him run around (he wasn't harmed, but I failed to see the humor - poor little thing)! They also put vaseline on all the school stairway railings (ewwwww)! Then the year before I graduated, someone through an m-80 (quarter stick of dynamite) in the toilet and messed up the school's plumbing! When I graduated, our class did NOTHING, so we were actually remembered for being "the good class"! lol

Donna Lynn said...

I went to a strict private school and we were scared to death to do anything bad, we all thought God would strike us down with a lighting bolt! We did however toilet paper some of the teachers houses...got caught doing it and had to then clean it all up on the spot! Oh well, we thought it was cool at the time...

Sounds like these kids had a much better imagination! Like the whole alarm thing, nice touch!

Have a great rest of your week!
Donna Lynn