Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Feathered Friends

They came back yesterday, and this time I had my camera. I was so excited to see that they ventured down even closer. Perched in the macadamian tree, I was probably only 8 feet from them. They sat on the branches and cracked those hard shells with such ease, that my husband said he wouldn't want to get bit by one of them! I had him run inside and cut up a fresh banana and apple to see if they would come even closer, but no dice. One of them did get a bit closer and he was very curious at what was on that plate on top of the brick wall, but it wasn't happening. At least not today. They all took off at the same time, and flew directly in front of us..so close I could almost touch them. It was amazing to see such beautiful birds in flight.

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a said...

AMAZING!! I think I would be stuck in a lawn chair all day waiting for them to come and go so I could take pictures of them;) lucky you!