Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Space Of Her Own

Over the next week we will be moving our daughter's sewing studio into a room in my Mother's 1928 house. It's the room I had growing up as a child. Funny, because I never told Jenna that was my room, but that's the one she immediately chose from the 5 rooms. Although she has a large bedroom now, but she really wants her own separate space and I don't blame her. Since Grand-mama has 5 empty bedrooms, she offered to give her one to use for sewing and crafting. Her house is right next door to us, so it will be nice to be minutes away from her own private little world. Our plan of attack is to move the existing bedroom furniture out into another room which means we will be a little busy this week...if I'm lucky, maybe I will lose a few pounds in the process. I will take pictures a long the way to share with you. It has carpeting now, and she desperately wants to pull it up to reveal the old hardwood floors. Grandma is hesitant since the carpeting is near new. I understand both sides... we shall see!


Sweet Repose said...

I don't blame her about the carpet, but if she keeps it really neat, maybe Grammy will cave...I know how us Grammys are.

Please post a pic of your valet parking sign...I am just retarded enough to do it...anything for a laugh and the chateau is a perfect place for it.

sharon (the nut)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I don't blame her for wanting the old hardwood floor... hope everyone's happy with the decision! Hey, I could use one of the remaining 4 bedrooms for a craftroom, too! =) (My craftspace is the kitchen table when no one is eating!)

a said...

yeah I'm with beach does your mom rent space??? hahahhaha! how cool that she picked your old bedroom??? can't wait to see pics! have fun!

My Shabby Roses said...

I want pictures Nancy! I'm sure the room is going to be as creative and cute as Jenn! She is going to have so much fun!